Abortion activists soaked in bloodied clothes protest outside the home of Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Abortion activists soaked in bloodied clothes protest outside the home of Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Drenched in fake blood and carrying baby dolls, abortion activists protested Saturday outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barrett in Virginia.

Barrett is one of the judges likely to help overthrow Roe v. Wade this summer through the Mississippi abortion case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. Since Politico reported on a leaked draft ruling on the issue in May, abortion activists have been protesting outside the homes of Barrett and other judges.

On Saturday, young women with Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights staged a “baby doll procession,” wearing white clothes with fake blood between their legs and holding baby dolls outside Barrett’s home, Townhall said. They said the fake blood represents the women who will be “forced” to give birth if Roe is destroyed.

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Pro-choice protesters descend on Coney Barrett's home with blood and doll  props | Fox News

“We are not incubators! The youth procession supplied baby dolls to Amy Coney Barrett,” the group wrote on Twitter. “We are not protesting to change misogynistic fascists. We call on the pro-choice majority, on YOU, to take to the streets to STOP #SCOTUS from overthrowing Roe.”

Some held signs that read, “Abortion on request and without apology,” while others had their wrists and mouths taped. At one point, they chanted together, “Stand up for abortion rights! Stand up for abortion rights!”

They also demanded action from Americans, saying pro-choice advocates must conduct a “visible, disruptive, massive, nonviolent resistance” to the likely overthrow of Roe. They continued: “They count on our silence, don’t give it to them [sic]. The whole world is watching,”

The “resistance” from abortion activists in recent weeks has included a massive surge in violence and threats, including an assassination attempt on the life of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Dozens of pro-life organizations and churches have been the target of arson, vandalism, threats, and other hostility.

Republican lawmakers have demanded action from the Biden administration, including Attorney General Merrick Garland, to end domestic terrorism by radical abortion activists. And the FBI launched an investigation last week, but the Biden administration appears to be ignoring illegal protests outside the judges’ homes.

As Hot Air blogger Jazz Shaw noted about Saturday’s protest:

…of course, they tried to intimidate Barrett into not voting with the majority in court in the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health case. †

What the group did was illegal, a fact that even liberal Supreme Court justices have confirmed in the past. Aggressive demonstrations at the judges’ houses intended to alter the outcome of the court’s findings are a crime.

While Garland and the Biden administration have condemned the violence, they have not condemned protests outside judges’ homes since Politico reported on a leaked draft ruling that saw the Supreme Court overthrow Roe this summer. Federal law prohibits protests outside the homes of judges, witnesses, jurors, and court officials; such actions are considered harassment and interference with the justice system.

Barrett and Kavanaugh both have school-aged children. A pro-abortion group, Ruth Sent Us, recently posted the addresses of Supreme Court justices’ homes and a photo of the school of Kavanaugh’s daughters online. The same group also named Barrett’s children earlier this month in a call to protest outside her home and a local elementary school.

The US Marshals and the Department of Justice have increased the safety of the judges, their staff, and their families.

According to Axios, a recent Department of Homeland Security report warned that radical abortion activists could burn down or storm the Supreme Court building and kill judges and their clerks if the court overthrows Roe. The report indicates that these pro-abortion extremists also plan to attack churches and other places of worship.

LifeNews has kept up with the growing hostility and has listed about 60 incidents since the leak. Find the list here.

The Supreme Court is expected to issue its final ruling on the Dobbs case sometime this month.