Jewish synagogue claims killing babies in abortions is religious freedom

Jewish synagogue claims killing babies in abortions is religious freedom

A Jewish synagogue makes one of the most disgusting grounds for abortion. It says killing babies in abortions is a form of religious freedom and has therefore filed a lawsuit against Florida’s 15-week abortion ban.

No religion seriously thinks that killing babies is a fundamental part of religion, apart from potentially pagan cults that sacrificed babies to false gods thousands of years ago. But that’s the argument that Boynton Beach’s L’Dor Va-Dor is making in defending its lawsuit against the long-term abortion ban signed by pro-life Governor Ron DeSantis.

It doesn’t matter that religious freedom in America is about ensuring that people of faith can worship freely, let alone that the Constitution protects the right to life and that abortion is the ultimate denial of all freedoms for a baby whose life has ended.

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It also falsely claims that abortion is “necessary to protect a woman’s health, mental or physical well-being” and for other reasons. “As such, the law prohibits Jewish women from practicing their faith without government intervention, violating their privacy rights and religious freedom,” the lawsuit said.

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The lawsuit adds that people who “do not share the religious views reflected in the act will suffer” and that it “threatens the Jewish people by imposing the laws of other religions on Jews.”

In Florida, Rabbi Barry Silver of the L’Dor Va-Dor congregation — its name means “Generation to Generation” — said it practices “cosmic Judaism,” which he defines on the synagogue’s website as “the Judaism of tomorrow, today.” that respects science, tradition, and spirituality.

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Silver is a lawyer, social activist, and former Democratic state legislator who labels himself on his website as a “rabbi rioter.” In an interview Tuesday, Silver said that when the separation of religion and government crumbles, religious minorities such as Jews often suffer.

“Every time that wall starts to crack, bad things start to happen,” he said, pointing out that DeSantis signed the law at an evangelical Christian church.

But Silver is wrong and misrepresents his Jewish faith.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken, the director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that represents more than 2,000 rabbis on issues of US public policy, says Jewish teachings on abortion are very clear.

Jewish values ​​are not defined by an alphabet soup of Jewish organizations but by an unchanging and transcendent code of Jewish spirituality, ethics, and law. And that Jewish code is clear that life and soul precede birth. For example, in Genesis, Rebecca is told that her unborn twins have different natures (25:23). In the Prophets, God informs Jeremiah, “Before I put you in the womb I knew you before you left the womb I sanctified you, I appointed you a prophet to the nations” (1:5).

In addition, Jewish tradition insists on observance of the Oral Law, in which the Mishnah gives moral instructions that a mother should be saved, even at the expense of her child, if necessary, “because her life precedes his life” (Ohalos 7:6) . Read that again, because the NCJW, the main sponsor of the rally, refers to this Mishnah without citing the explicit reference to the “life” of the fetus. Inexplicably, the NCJW claims in the same paragraph that, under Jewish law, a fetus is “not yet [a] own life.”

The sanctity of life and the importance of traditional morality come straight from the Hebrew Bible. Thus, all Americans, especially those of the Abrahamic religions, should reject the progressives’ stance based on the absurd idea that it is somehow unconstitutional for the moral values ​​of the bourgeoisie to be reflected in the laws that govern our society.