Whoopi Goldberg cruelly attacks Clarence Thomas, claims pro-life Americans want to bring back slavery

Whoopi Goldberg cruelly attacks Clarence Thomas, claims pro-life Americans want to bring back slavery

With last Friday’s episode pre-recorded, Monday’s edition of The View marked the first time the “rabidly pro-choice” coven was able to collectively scream about the US Supreme Court overthrow of Roe v. Wade. The tirades came with co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who warned Judge Clarence Thomas that the court would address his interracial marriage and may even rule that he was no longer a person and would bring back slavery.

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Ironically, broadcast from the Bahamas (celebrating 25 years of The View), Goldberg stated that she is “very pro-life” and “has never been anti-life” and gave her ominous warning to the Justice. ‘Well, you better hope they don’t come for you,’ she said, ‘we weren’t in the Constitution either. We weren’t even people in the Constitution.”


She went on to suggest that the white conservatives on the court turn against him and not only invalidate his interracial marriage to Ginni Thomas but also bring back slavery:

Well, you better hope they don’t come for you, Clarence, and tell you not to marry your wife, who happens to be white. Because they’ll move that, and you better hope no one says, you know, you’re not in the Constitution. You’re a quarter of a person again because that’s not going to work either.

Before saying that to Thomas, Goldberg lashed out at pro-life “female governors” celebrating Roe’s fate,”[T]hey wanna be a voice for the silent, be a voice for the present. Be a voice to those you can see too,” she sneered, rejecting the unborn child in the womb. “And stop telling people this is a win for all women because it isn’t.”

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Goldberg continued to ignore the “shout your abortion” movement and the women on social media who throw abortion parties; Goldberg again falsely stated that “nobody”[s] this horrific decision… with a smile on their face. No one.”

In another part of their shrieks, co-host Ana Navarro redoubled her uncanny argument that her mentally disabled relatives should have been aborted:

I find it hypocritical and wrong to forbid a family to choose for themselves what is best for them. That doesn’t mean you don’t love your special needs relatives, that you don’t love them, and that they aren’t part of the family.

Killing your relative is a quirky way to show you love them.

And in addition to her own family, Navarro advocated the same case for other children, stating that to prevent child abuse, they should do the following:

So if they start banning the choice of a family, there will be more poor children. More children will be adopted. More children are being placed in foster families. There will be more abused children.

Since Navarro still claims to be a Republican, she should know that the pro-life movement has been relentless but suggested that “no one ever thought the dog would catch the bus.”

And no collection of insane and stupid comments from The View would be complete with anything from mentally unstable Sunny Hostin, who summed up recent SCOTUS statements as “it’s time to welcome all this new life, but we can shoot them with our newly available, completely unlimited weapons.”

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LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.