Members of AOC and Democrat “Squad” Voted Against Protection of Supreme Court Justices

Members of AOC and Democrat “Squad” Voted Against Protection of Supreme Court Justices

Democratic “Squad” members in the House voted Tuesday against a bill extending security for Supreme Court justices, despite spending six figures on private security in 2021, according to Federal Election Commission data. (FEC) and the house payouts.

Missouri Rep. Cori Bush, Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jamaal Bowman are among 27 Democratic members voted against the approved security measure. Still, these lawmakers spent about $348,000 on private security in 2021.

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The legislation comes as pro-abortion protesters target Republican-appointed judges after a leaked draft opinion showed the Court is likely to quash the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion case. It was passed unanimously in the Senate more than a month ago and was introduced by Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas and Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware.

Bush, who has made frequent calls to “discover” the police, will have spent about $200,000 in campaign money on security in 2021, Fox News reported. The outlet reported that ocasio-Cortez, who indicated she would not support the security law because she prioritizes gun control legislation, spent about $75,000 on private security in 2021.

Pressley spent $14,000 of her Member Representational Allowance (MRA) on security in 2022 and about $63,000 ondeposity between May and December 2021, The Daily Caller reported. Tlaib spent less than $3,000 on security in 2021, and Bowman spent more than $7,800 in 2021, Fox News reported.

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“The lack of concern that borders on hatred for the families of the six judges appointed by Republican presidents is alarming,” Wisconsin Republican Representative Glenn Grothman told TheDCNF. “I can never imagine something so insensitive and indifferent would be done if the shoe was on the other side.”

Offices for Bush, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Bowman did not respond to a request for comment.

A Pressley spokesperson rejected the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment, pointing to the member’s comments after her vote alleging the Supreme Court has “endangered lives,” citing the leaked draft opinion.

“While elected and appointed officials, including members of Congress and Supreme Court justices, in fact already enjoy protections when it comes to their safety, abortion providers and patients — who already face and undoubtedly will face ongoing threats of violence and criminalization if Roe fall — don’t,” Pressley said, the Boston Herard reported.

On May 5, a leftist group called “Ruth Sent Us” leaked the addresses of six Republican-appointed judges. The group, one of several pro-abortion groups that published the judges’ addresses, claimed Monday it was not responsible for the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, as the accused man was white.

That man, Nicholas Roske, was arrested and charged last week after police saw him outside Kavanaugh’s home with firearms.

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