FBI still hasn’t arrested anyone despite dozens of incidents of pro-abortion violence

FBI still hasn’t arrested anyone despite dozens of incidents of pro-abortion violence

Six days after the FBI announced a formal investigation into a series of attacks on churches and pro-life organizations, the agency appears to be moving forward but has made no arrests.

The Washington Stand contacted 27 pregnancy information centers and pro-life organizations that had been attacked since May 2. respond to the request for comment.

So far, the eruption of attacks on churches and pro-life organizations and the subsequent announcement of an FBI investigation has received little attention from the mainstream media.

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Curiously, The Associated Press on Wednesday published an article claiming that “abortion providers” are currently “increased alert,” without citing any instances of attacks on abortion facilities since the May 2 leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion that would rule Roe v. Wade. can destroy.

In the 14th paragraph of AP’s 17-paragraph story, author Sara Burnett admits that a pro-life group had said there were “more than 40 incidents of violence, harassment and vandalism at maternity centers and churches in recent weeks.”

On Sunday evening, two maternity aid centers were attacked in the metropolitan area of ​​Detroit. The glass doors and windows of the Lennon Maternity Center in Dearborn Heights were smashed in, and the building’s facade was sprayed with these messages: “If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you” and “Fake Clinic.”

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The Pregnancy Care Center suffered similar damage just four miles north in Redford. Several windows and a glass door were shattered, and the messages “Fake clinic” and “Jane was here” were sprayed on the side of the building.

These attacks are the latest violent crackdowns against churches, pregnancy education centers, pro-life organizations, and individuals. There were at least 14 attacks in the first three weeks of June.

The Washington Stand has counted at least 63 acts of violence, property destruction, and religious services disruption in the 52 days since the Supreme Court’s draft decision was leaked. Forty-four incidents were directly related to property destruction and vandalism of churches, maternity aid centers, and other pro-life organizations.

The FBI released a statement on June 17 saying the agency was “investigating a series of attacks and threats targeting maternity aid centers and faith-based organizations across the country.”

In response to The Washington Stand’s request for comment, asking whether any arrests have been made in connection with the investigation, an FBI spokesperson said in an email: “I am bound by the Department’s long-standing policy of Justice not to comment on the existence of or ongoing investigations.”

The pro-abortion extremist group, Jane’s Revenge, released a “communique” on June 15 claiming responsibility for attacks in 16 different cities, adding that these attacks were just a few “among others”.

On Tuesday, the website known as Abolition Media posted another notice from Jane’s Revenge in which that group claimed responsibility for both pregnancy sources on Sunday in Detroit.

In response, a group of Congressional Republicans sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday, demanding that they “officially classify those who commit crimes through Jane’s Revenge as domestic terrorists.”

Wiley Thompson, a former assistant director of the FBI, seriously assessed the attacks.

“Based on an objective reading of federal statutes, there is reason to believe that the crimes taking place in the pro-life maternity centers are a violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO),” Thompson told The Washington Stand. “The FBI must identify the source of funding, direction, and coordination among the violators, then create a link analysis connecting the dots for presentation to a federal grand jury, followed by indictments.”

“RICO is a tool that the federal government has used with great success for decades against the mafia and other criminal enterprises,” concluded Thompson. “Don’t let it go to waste!”

LifeNews Note: Dan Hart writes for The Washington Stand, where this column originally appeared.