After 52 attacks on pro-lifers in 46 days, FBI finally opens investigation

After 52 attacks on pro-lifers in 46 days, FBI finally opens investigation

After weeks of silence from top law enforcement officers in the Biden administration following an explosion of attacks on churches, pro-life organizations, and individuals over the past 46 days, the FBI announced Friday that it is now “investigating” the incidents.

The FBI said it would investigate “a series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy aid centers and faith-based organizations across the country.”

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Here’s the full statement:

The FBI investigates attacks and threats targeting maternity care centers and faith-based organizations nationwide. The FBI takes all threats seriously, and we continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners and remain vigilant to protect our communities. We want to remind members of the public that if they see anything suspicious or have information about possible threats, they should immediately report it to the police, call their local FBI office, or send a tip to

In particular, the statement does not specify whether “faith-based organizations” include churches and places of worship that have been the victims of at least 15 activist pro-abortion-related attacks in the same 46-day span.

In response to The Washington Stand’s request for clarification on whether the investigation would include attacks on churches, the FBI replied, “We have no additional details to provide.”

Over the past week, pressure has steadily increased on the Biden administration to take action after a non-stop outbreak of vandalism and property destruction. A coalition of nine conservative leaders recently sent a letter to the Justice Department demanding action. This was followed by a forcefully worded letter from Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), the senior member of the Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism Subcommittee, demanding the resignation of Attorney General Merrick Garland for failing to act by the DOJ. In a tweet Friday, GOP members of the House Homeland Security Committee expressed frustration, noting that the FBI’s investigation was “far too late.”

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“This extremist behavior threatens our homeland security, which is why Homeland GOP demands answers from [the Department of Homeland Security] on his response efforts,” Republican members said.

The pro-abortion extremist group known as “Jane’s Revenge,” which has already claimed responsibility for multiple arson attacks and vandalism attacks on pro-life organizations, released a letter Tuesday stating that “the leash was wrong” and promised to deal with attacks.

The latest incident occurred on Tuesday when the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life office in Minneapolis was smeared with graffiti and windows smashed.

LifeNews Note: Dan Hart writes for The Washington Stand, where this column originally appeared.