ActivePort Signs Multi-Million Dollar Agreement with Radian Arc to Deliver Private Cloud Orchestration
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ActivePort Signs Multi-Million Dollar Agreement with Radian Arc to Deliver Private Cloud Orchestration

ActivePort Group Ltd recently announced that it had signed agreements with Radian Arc Limited (Radian Arc) to provide orchestration software, private cloud infrastructure, and technical support services.

Radian Arc provides a private cloud platform for GPU*-centric applications such as gaming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technical visualization, and cloud-based mapping systems.

ActivePort goes heroic, doubling revenue as it pursues a multimillion dollar software pipeline

Since 2020, ActivePort has partnered with Radian Arc to incorporate ActivePort’s software into Radian Arc’s platform, which already includes AMD’s leading cloud GPU technology.

These new agreements expand the services ActivePort already provides to Radian Arc with software licensing, infrastructure, and technical support as Radian Arc transitions its customers from delivery and testing to live production.

The CEO of Radian Arc commented:

“We partnered with ActivePort early on to develop our innovative GPU-centric private cloud solution, and as Radian Arc has grown exponentially, ActivePort has demonstrated its ability to source, deliver and support our technology on a global scale.”

Karim Nejaim, CEO of ActivePort, commented:

“The Radian Arc project demonstrates the versatility of ActivePort’s software products and the expertise of our engineering team in tackling major projects at the forefront of cloud technology. Mark Middleton, ActivePort’s CTO, and its engineers have been closely involved with Radian Arc and AMD to optimize Radian Arc’s GPU-centric cloud platform to make it a global leader in performance and price.”

* GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is a microprocessor designed to accelerate compute-intensive tasks such as interactive gaming, machine learning, technical visualization, and map rendering. GPUs are found in most computers, game consoles, and televisions. AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA are leading manufacturers of GPUs.

About ActivePort Group Ltd

ActivePort Group Ltd (ASX: ATV) is an Australian software company that develops network management and orchestration (MANO) solutions for telecom, IT, and Managed Service Providers. Using ActivePort software, providers have increased visibility and control over their network, provided customer self-service, and reduced operational complexity and costs.

About Radian Arc

Radian Arc provides telecom operators with a GPU-based Edge computing platform that delivers low latency for the best user experience. Radian Arc provides an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform for running cloud gaming, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications within telecommunications networks. Radian Arc provides a market channel for GPU-intensive interactive content and a platform for telecom operators to monetize their networks.

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