Abortion turned pro-life after seeing aborted baby’s arms and legs: “For the first time I saw a little boy”

Abortion turned pro-life after seeing aborted baby’s arms and legs: “For the first time I saw a little boy”

Dr. Beverly McMillian thought she was helping women when she started having abortions in Mississippi after the US Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade.

But one day, after looking at the arms of a small aborted baby and thinking about her son, McMillian realized she was wrong.

In a new column in the Daily Wire, the Mississippi OB-GYN explained why she stopped aborting unborn babies and turned pro-life. Now her mission is to help others understand the truth about abortion.

“Ever since high school, I knew I wanted to study medicine. I wanted to help and heal people,” she began.

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During a medical internship at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, McMillian thought she’d found a way to do just that: abortions. She worked in the contaminated obstetrics ward and said her job was to treat women who had come to the emergency room and suffered from failed abortions.

She went on:

I would stabilize them, start IVs, give blood, and give antibiotics. The next morning I took them to a treatment room to do a suction D&C (dilation and curettage) to scrape out the tissue the abortionist had left behind. At that point, I became outraged. Then I decided to help women by offering safe abortions. I didn’t realize then that abortion is never safe for the woman or her child.

McMillian moved to Mississippi in 1975 and soon began working for the state’s first abortion facility, Family Health Services in Jackson.

However, about a year later, she said her life was starting to fall apart. Her marriage was struggling; she suffered from depression and started thinking about suicide. When she was looking for answers, she said she had found Christ.

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However, her conversion to Christianity was not the immediate reason to stop aborting unborn babies. McMillian said she continued to work at the abortion clinic for another two years as she struggled with the feeling that something wasn’t right.

One day, after looking at the body of an aborted baby, McMillian said everything had changed.

She wrote in the Daily Wire:

The last abortion I ever had was a 12-week D&C suction. After this procedure, I would have my patient stay on the table while I carried the baby bottle wash bowl to the sink. There I would search through the parts I had sucked out – two arms, two legs, etc. This was to make sure I had completed the abortion. That day, one of the workers asked if she could sit by the sink to learn more about the procedure.

When I showed it to her, a terrible sadness came over me. For the first time, I saw a little boy. When we were 12 weeks old, we could see his perfectly formed arm and small biceps. At that point, I had a flashback; I could picture my son in my mind, holding the same small arm, flexing his biceps, and smiling at me.

The image struck her when she realized that “five minutes ago, this was a perfectly beautiful little boy.”

McMillian resigned and soon committed her life to ending abortion. Today, along with her OB-GYN practice, she shares her story across the country, hoping to change people’s hearts and minds about babies in the womb.

She recently participated in a new Live Action project to educate people about how abortion procedures work.

“Recognizing the humanity of the unborn child is what ultimately got me out of this awful industry,” she said. “I knew, but I never saw it until it clicked. I saw that little boy who could have become like my beautiful son.”